A Comprehensive Review of Jetstream Box

How Awesome is the Jetstream Box?

The Jetstream Box is your ticket to eliminating those recurring expenses in your cable TV subscription. You can watch all the movies, sporting events, and your favorite TV shows in  all network TV channels without worrying about paying fees and charges monthly.

The product will let you see 99.9% of all movies ever produced by major and even minor studios and networks. That means you can get to avail all TV programs, documentaries, cartoons, fitness videos, sporting coverage, news and current affairs reports, reality series, and live events from 100 countries worldwide. It also offers access to WWE Network, pay per views, 3D movies, movies shown in cinemas, and concerts. Even films from the adult entertainment industry can be viewed, but this feature can be disabled through parental controls.

Say Goodbye to Monthly Cable Charges and Fees with Jetstream Box

I used to get charged $95 in my cable TV and Internet subscription, plus $12.99 more for Netflix. However, when I got my Jetstream Box worth $399, I already cancelled my cable TV and Netflix subscription as I can already gained access to everything they had to offer. All that was left was my Internet bills amounting $45 monthly.

If you consider $399 as expensive, think again. Based from my experience, unsubscribing to cable TV and Netflix lets me save $62.99 monthly. In other words, the product pays for itself in just a span of 6.33 months. Following that, every show you can access there will come for free.

How Does the Jetstream Box Work?

Once you buy Jetstream Box, all you have to do is take it out from the box and configure it using the easy-to-follow information provided by its guide. It may take a little time to get yourself familiarized with all its features though because it is far different from the way you used to find shows in your regular cable TV. However, when you have it working, you can enjoy all the unlimited shows it offers.

If you are a true sports fan, you can tune in to all the live events and even the ones you missed without paying for cable TV. If you got some kids who just can’t get enough cartoons or Disney shows, the Jetstream Box is the solution for you too. For the other folks at home who love reality shows and soap opera, this is the perfect gift for them. Furthermore, if you hate commercials that usually take up most of your TV time, you can tune in to the past TV shows without those dreadful ads.

System Requirements of Jetstream Box

Jetstream Box works with any kind of TV. Then, it uses the Internet to gain access to unlimited movies and TV shows. The product may not offer something new since it only utilizes streaming, which is already an technology present in our time, but you can certainly be a winner with the product because it will let you cut down on those expensive and recurring cable TV bills.

Specs of Jetstream Box

Here are the specifications of Jetstream Box:

    • Runs on Android 4.2.2 operating system, which provides the best performance when streaming videos from movies, TV shows, music, and other multimedia.
    • 1080P Full Video HD Decoding and compatibility with major video formats enable the product to provide quality videos and it allows you to open files from a wide range of formats. It is compatible with Picture Viewer, Game Player, Music Player, and other family entertainment files.
    • The built-in WiFi external antenna stabilizes the way the product streams.
    • The unit also supports various hardware like keyboard, 2.4G QWERT remote, and USB mouse to offer easy controls.
    • It has XMBC-supported full hardware decoding.

A Wrap Up of All the Features of Jetstream Box

Here is a quick recap of all the key features of Jetstream Box:

        • Enjoy 100,000 TV shows and movies.
        • Never miss your favorite show again by having access to all its episodes in every season.
        • Get access to more than 1,000 channels local and globally plus feeds from over 500 radio stations worldwide.
        • Watch live events like sports and concerts.
        • Indulge yourself in the latest films in high definition.
        • Catch your favorite TV shows without any commercial interruption.
        • See even the latest in the adult film industry or you can block it using the product’s parental control feature.
        • It works in any TV and can play various multimedia files.
        • Network sharing allows you to share your unlimited access to movies and TV shows to others.
        • You can carry the device anywhere because it is portable.
        • You have a direct access to audio or video saved in your flashdrive or SD card.
        • Listen to your much loved tunes and songs in its music jukebox feature.

How to Make Money with Jetstream Box

The marketing of Jetstream Box uses the direct sales approach. Being a part of the independent sales distributors of Jetstream Box will let you buy each unit for a price lower than its standard rate. Then, you can resell them with the recommended price of the producer of the product for an easy way to earn money.


Despite having a minor issue at the beginning in familiarizing myself about how the product works, particularly how to distinguish live from recorded shows in Jetstream box, learning the proper way to utilize its potentials have provided me with numerous benefits. Aside from cutting my cable TV and Netflix expenses, I can now watch my favorite films, music, TV shows, PPV, sports events, news, documentaries and others in HD setting. Overall, I appreciate the cutting edge technology offered Jetstream Box.

Blessed and stay blessed,

Cesar Ramirez
JetstreamBox Reseller

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