Enjoy Sports Through StreamSmart TV Box

streamsmart xbmc

One of the many reasons why people are buying the StreamSmart TV box is because of the access it provides to a lot of major sports programs. The good thing about using the StreamSmart little black box is that it allows a majority of the consumers’ favorite add-ons to be added to its arsenal. That, in a nutshell, is the power of the XBMC.

The quality of the streaming may differ in other media boxes, but StreamSmart ensures quality viewing pleasure for its myriad of audiences. It should be taken into consideration, however, that majority of the bugs and fixes that will affect add-ons must come from the third-party developers themselves.

Also, customers must protect themselves from being duped by websites that charge extra fees and require viewers to pay for sports streaming. Remember that StreamSmart doesn’t charge its consumers by itself. Rather, it allows for additional programs to be downloaded without extra cost.

Here are some of the most popular sports streaming programs available on StreamSmart TV box:


USTVNOW allows free access to ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS and My9 as long as the customer registers for free on their website. This service is easy to use and reliable. It’s legal and can be used anywhere in the world. The little black box allows an easy installation of this service.

2. Phoenix

With Phoenix, customers will be able to search for live streaming, pay-per-view events and other sports channel playlists. It really depends on what channels you browse through, but sports channels in Phoenix are always highly recommended.

3. NBC Sports Live Extra

Who doesn’t know NBC Sports? It was the ultimate sports channel for all basketball fans out there. But more than basketball, NBC customers can access NHL, Premier League, College Basketball, NBA, MLS, NASCAR, MLB and Golf. It can be installed straight from the unit’s software.

4. Navi-X

This is the oldest XBMC in existence, with thousands of users enjoying it every single day. Playlists and contents are updated daily by contributors who submitted them every day. There is so much content available in this XBMC, so customers will have to carefully choose what they want.

5. Football Today

Live and prerecorded football games can be found on this channel. It provides high quality and reliable streaming options. This was made to be installed easily too.

6. Cliq!

It is not the most comprehensive XBMC out there for StreamSmart, but it has a pretty good sports section and other channels too such as the user-contributed list that allows clients to see what other users of the product have uploaded and shared via the program. It has a simple interface that is easy to navigate, and it provides well-focused services.

Instead of meeting up in expensive sports bars, having the StreamSmart at home proves that its customers can relax and enjoy a exciting sports night at home. With this little black box, there’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars just to watch a live show or subscribe to a pay-per-view. StreamSmart TV box in itself is already an experience.

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