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Last night, I was at home with my family and a couple of friends. The popcorn, beer, and sodas were all set in the living room. It was one of our Sunday night bonding. However, what made the night more special was the airing of Super Bowl 49 live from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

As usual, we were divided about the playing teams. Half of us were rooting for the New England Patriots, and the others were for the Seattle Seahawks. Regardless of the team we picked, having the Smart TV set up with the JetstreamBox gave us another amazing night to remember.

The Super Bowl this year was awesome. I am glad that I was part of the historic event by being one of the record-breaking 114.4 million viewers of the event in the U.S. television history. The result was a hair-raising four-point difference with the Patriots beating the Seahawks in a 28-24 score. Tom Brady emerging as the MVP this season was great too. I think no one deserved it better than him in the year 2014-2015 of the sport. And, oh boy, Katy Perry never failed to entertain the TV viewers and the fans in attendance with her electrifying halftime performance. Numbers don’t lie, the final event was simply one of the most exciting games in the history of American football.

There were some controversial decisions during the game though. The most unforgettable of them was the bad call involving Marshawn Lynch seconds before the finish. Instead of letting him go for his “Beast Mode” for the win, the team opted to have him pass the ball in the one-yard line when he could have just pounded it in for the goal. The move had disaster written all over it as it was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, who was supposed to be a spare part all season. The killing interception gave Butler a very memorable way to end the event, and allow his team to bag the championship.

Thanks to JetstreamBox, we had no trouble enjoying the match in the convenience of our home as it happened. There was no long queue in the stands or a long drive going to the stadium. It was just us, all over the living room, munching our popcorns, and sipping our ice-cold beverages. The feeling was like we were there in the game because of the crisp resolution and audio of our Smart TV coupled with the reliable streaming provided by Jetstream Box. Every piece of the action and drama was felt by everyone. Seconds before the end of the game, the Seahawks side of the room had their hands clinging in the armrests of their seats and goose bumps all over their body as they eagerly anticipated the win for their team, which never came. By the time the ball was intercepted and the time counted down to zero, their jaws were slacked as the Patriots fans in the room celebrated with a chorus of cheers.

The best thing about it was our family and friends were able to bond better with the absence of a huge and noisy crowd. The night ended with everyone’s face filled with smiles. There was a couple of debates over the botched finish of the Seahawks though as expected.Hey, better luck next time. Super Bowl 49 is the Patriot’s time to shine.

Hey, better luck next time. Super Bowl 49 is the Patriot’s time to shine.

Blessed and stay blessed,

Cesar Ramirez
JetstreamBox Affiliate

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