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We have a 2 tier affiliate payout. Meaning that we would like for you to continue sharing the vision of saving on your monthly bills by using one of our recommended boxes. Now, in order to get paid, you will use a referral link provided in the Affiliate area or below.

Affiliates get paid 2 tiers. As follows:

Any product sold in the store is

Level 1 – 25% (Direct Sales)
Level 2 – 15% (Check Match)

No stacking allowed. Violating stacking rule will get your account banned, and you forfeit all commissions.

Example of Payout:

Take a $339.97 Streamsmart Product
Level 1 – Direct Sale Commissions = ($339 X 25%) = $85  
Level 2 – Commission Match   ($85 X 15%) = $12.75

After $600 of referral Commissions, you must complete an account that matches your email from Paypal, and Go to and complete the account there as a free member. When we pay out (usually at the beginning of the month or 30 days after your referral box was sold), it’ll be paid to your paypal account provided through Therefore, please complete that now. For an additional questions, open up a support ticket. Cheers and happy referring!


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