How Sony PlayStation TV Fares Against StreamSmart Internet TV

streamsmart internet tv vs ps tv

Online media streaming using Internet-connected devices is the current norm for people wanting to maximize their viewing leisure. Little black boxes, as these media devices are affectionately called, have sprouted in the market with each product offering supposedly superior features against its competitors.

StreamSmart Internet TV

One of the most reliable and feature-rich black boxes today is the StreamSmart Internet TV Box. This media device is characterized by its distinctive sleek aluminum casing that is both durable and stylish. What really distinguishes StreamSmart from other black boxes is its superior performance in delivering media contents to the user.

If you are a sports fan and you want the best programs providing exclusive coverage of your favorite sports, you can find them on StreamSmart. If you prefer international programs showcasing unique cultures from various countries, you can watch them on different channels showing the widest variety of the best foreign shows from around the world. These offerings are available because StreamSmart Internet TV gives you not only unlimited access to over 100,000 HD movies and TV shows but also non-stop streaming of the latest music hits on the charts today.

Sony PlayStation TV

A newcomer in the black box market is the business giant Sony. The company is no stranger to the entertainment business. It built and cemented a solid reputation within the gaming industry through its flagship product, the PlayStation game console that sold hundreds of millions since its release two decades ago. Sony aims to expand its foothold in the entertainment world via the introduction of the PlayStation TV. The black box marks the foray of Sony into the streaming media player market.

PS TV offers multiple uses to the consumer. At its core, it shares similar hardware technology with the handheld gaming device PS Vita. In fact, the Vita OS resides inside the PS TV. It comes as no surprise that the user interface (UI) is one that’s seen on the small screens of PS Vita. As a virtual Vita clone, PS TV is fully compatible with and can play a majority of Vita’s games. With Remote Play, it can even stream games from the PS4. Lastly, it has the capability to stream media contents. PS TV streams videos (movies and TV series) from Sony’s own Entertainment Network.

With Sony’s sterling status as a seller of quality products, does its PS TV stand out among other black boxes already in the market today? In particular, how does it compare to the StreamSmart Internet TV Box?

PS TV Lags Behind StreamSmart TV

As a PS4 game-streaming device, the PS TV provides ultimate satisfaction since you can plug in an alternate TV to play your favorite PS titles if the “dedicated” TV is being used by other family members. Unfortunately, it falls short as a media streaming black box. The single biggest drawback is the lack of media contents. While you can buy or rent movies and TV shows from the Sony Entertainment Network, their numbers cannot be compared to the almost-limitless contents you get to enjoy if you had StreamSmart Internet TV Box. Consumers note, in particular, the absence of support for both Netflix and Hulu Plus, two of the most-watched video channels today.

On the technical side, PS TV’s deficiency includes non-support of the standard 1080p format while its audio output is limited to two channels. It also suffers from very limited on-demand movie or TV apps. While PSTV has potentials, its current state as an entertainment box disappoints because of these deficiencies, which significantly are not found in StreamSmart Internet TV Box.

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