How to Stop Buffering on Any XBMC Kodi

This idea/concern first came about when my friend Maryann bought a box from jstvbox and said she had a lot of buffering issues with a specific Add-on called “USTVNow”. As I was testing it, sure enough it fixed the buffering issue on my USTVNow Addon. If you’re not familiar with USTVNow, it lets you watch about 28 live tv US channels. I hope this
post below really helps you as it also assisted my other add-ons to run smoother. I rarely get any buffering.

Cesar Ramirez


  1. Hi,
    Cant find under “programs->getmore” anything that resembles “easy advance settings” nor it is listed anywhere. How can i get it? Thank you.

    • Just Saved TV Box

      Search under programs then program addons .. You may need to click get more if you don’t see it on the list

  2. I tried this on my Android M8 TV box and it seemed to be working but a few minutes into a movie it completed stopped to buffer. I even tried letting the movie load for a few hours and that didn’t help either. I followed your instructions step by step and was unsuccessful. Is there something else I can try? I can’t get through 1/4 of my movies without being interrupted.

  3. I have hooked up Ethernet chord betwixt my router and tronsmart box. This seemed to eliminate all buffering on addons.
    I still get buffering on live tv.. kills me on live sports ..
    Any live tv clues?

  4. Did NOT work – still buffers – TV Shows

  5. I tried following your instructions and I get to the easy advanced settings and I selected install but when I back out and go back in, its not installed.

  6. It wont let me install easy advanced settings.

  7. Not sure how to tell, I did get it installed but now its worse than before

  8. I did all of these steps successfully and I still get the buffering on ustvnow. Anything else I can do to fix this issue? It used to not buffer at all but now I can’t even use ustvnow due to the buffering issue. Cleared cache, rebooted modem, restarted kodi. Still same issue

  9. mine too.. followed every instructions & now its slow. whats up with that!!! can you fix this

  10. Update: I’m having buffering issues again even with the Ethernet cable ughhh… It’s not my internet speed so what gives? Where is the moderator?

  11. tiggerandmaxmommy

    Just this afternoon i started having buffering problems. Would watch 4 to 15 minutes of a show (depending on length) then it shuts off completely back to main menu. I’ve done all the steps but still happening. I have a himedia android box which is less than 2 months old. Very fustrating because my computer works fine

  12. Moderator.. Did you get my reply? I am using Apple TV 2

    • Just Saved TV Box

      Apple TV 2 has a slow processor and low memory. You may experience a lot of crashes. Please give us a bit more details to help you out here.

  13. I’m having the same issue. II have 65 Mbps download speeds at home and even on their website it is doing this. Think this is more than just a setting in kodi. I’ve even tried at work with a 400 Mbps upload and download speeds and still have the same issue on their website. I get the best results when using low quality, but that only means it goes for about 5 mins and either buffers or keeps playing with no sound and jumps around. I can watch movies all day long from ice films and 1channel with no problem.

  14. I tried this to improve crunchyroll xbmc add-on. It seems to not have any affect. 2 to 10 times the stream stops by buffering. Also I can not see xbmc using more task manager.

  15. You can not fix buffering issues on USTVNow, at least I can not. The buffering is most likely far to many clients loaded on their servers at peek times. They will not fix it so at least there will be one less person on after I quit.

  16. i tried it and it worked great. all buffering issues are gone. family movie night is soooooo much better

  17. I have an MXQ box and it will not install the easy advanced settings……What other information do you need from me to help?

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