Is JetstreamBox Legal

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What do we look for when purchasing a digital media box that could connect us to over 100 channels and can stream content from a country thousands of miles away? Aside from the fact that we check if this product really works, we also would want to know if we are doing something illegal.

The JetstreamBox gives the illusion that we are doing something against the law because it’s too good to be true. Can you imagine accessing all your entertainment needs through one Android TV box? Can you imagine shelling out a one-time payment and never having to settle monthly bills again for all the movies, television series, sporting events and multimedia you want to access?

JetstreamBox is Legit

The JetstreamBox is completely legal although it gives an impression that it is not because it does all the abovementioned and so much more. What the software in this TV box does is to provide links to the viewers of content already posted on the Internet.

Basically, everything you can find on the Internet—movies, series, sports, reality TV and even adult entertainment—will be accessed through one portal, the Jetstream Box.

According to the manufacturer of this Android box, the product does not host any content nor does it know anyone who does. It does not promote a particular content on the Internet as it is merely a provider of links to those contents.

The JetstreamBox makes sure not to promote any illegal stuff on the Internet, so those illegally uploaded or restricted films or series will not be accessed through the device.

Why would we want to do something illegal on the Internet anyway when you have such an amazing Android TV box that does not only stream content, but is a video console and music player all in one too?

Updates and Downloads are Possible

Due to the fact that the JetstreamBox is 100% legal, it means you can update its software whenever a new Android version comes out. You do know that digital consoles and media boxes that download illegally from the Internet could not be updated without doing more hacks, right?

The JetstreamBox is upgradeable because it is authenticated, certificated and verified to be completely legal. Every upgrade will enhance the experience of the viewers. May there be tweaks in the interface or the overall performance of the box, users will surely find something new and refreshing with every upgrade.

Through this box, you will gain full access to Google Play, meaning you can download as many games and apps as you like. Treat the JetstreamBox as your personal tablet, albeit you won’t need a dongle to attach it to a television or to a computer.

It goes without saying, of course, that the JetstreamBox has WiFi capability, so you can access all these contents and download games and apps from the Google Play.

The WiFi will allow you to browse sites at your heart’s content. You can even download an e-book reader. That is, if you wanted your readings to be as large as your TV screens.


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