Jetstream Box Dependency Errors?

As of writing this post, the Jetstreambox is using an old firmware in the box. Therefore, no matter how many times you do a hard reset, you are going to default it to what’s available when the box was last flashed. I know that may sound technical, but there’s no easier way to explain it but that it’s carrying what’s known as old software. That’s why when you run Genesis, Phoenix and Add-ons like this, the developers of those Add-On’s have moved on to the new version of XBMC. Now known as Kodi (XBMC Version 14). Jetstreambox is using version 12 known as Frodo. In this video, if you own ANY Android Box, you can easily install the updated version of XBMC. I can tell you, humbly,  I’m probably the only guy on Youtube that knows what he’s talking about when it comes to supporting you on Jetstream boxes from all the distributors out there. Not even Jetstream themselves could help me or return my call, therefore I felt it was my duty to support my customers. If you stumbled upon this site because of a search, well I hope you find value and would appreciate some feedback below. Feel free to click the “f” logo at the top and join our FB group for additional support.

Please skip to 2:35 into the video. For some reason my audio got mixed twice until then.
Jetstream Box Dependency Errors? Too many links broken?

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