JetstreamBox vs. Apple TV

JetstreamBox Vs. Apple TV (Roku, Roku3, Amazon TV, and other streaming boxes)

Often times when we’re looking to spend money on entertainment, the fun gets taken away when companies charge for everything you wish to do. As a matter of fact, it’s cheaper to buy a movie on VHS, then to stream it on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Roku Store, Amazon Store, or whichever big corp decided to jump on the bandwagon of streaming media.

It wasn’t until we met the owner of JetstreamBox. He had a vision to create something different. He decided to provide a streaming media device that supports apps that can stream media for free without the high costs monthly or even per show. They even created their own app called the Channel Wizard by Jetstream that gives you access to Live TV. This is what triggered me to stop paying for Satellite TV ($100 per month) plus netflix ($8 per month). As long as you have  great download speeds (at least 10Mbps Down, you’re good to use the box!).

I made a video here on how it all works. Enjoy.


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