The Netmaster 2 TV Internet Streaming Box

When it comes to the world of streaming, you want to be surrounded by a TV box that is simple and quick and you can pick up and go as you please. Think of the Netmaster 2 Android TV Box as such box with a bit of a twist and whip cream on top

Not too long ago, I was seeking a box with integrity of the owners that ran the operations. Ladies and gents, I know first hand what it’s like to meet folks that do not care about it’s customers or let alone their suppliers. Drop their support on their people and it’s not a great feeling as a owner of the fastest growing Internet Box Team to deal with such issues. Therefore it’s my please to introduce to you the box that knocks all boxes out of the water.

I use to sell a lot of Streamsmart boxes until Netmaster came onto the scene. Streamsmart and Netmaster are programmed by the same programmer, so you will have the same quality of content. The difference is, when it comes to customer support and updates, you are not having to deal with the headaches that you may experience with Streamsmart.

I lot of my customers are happy with their Netmaster box and I even have direct access to the owner of the brand. Additionally, his intentions and heart is in the right place to help out his customers. Therefore, buy with confidence that you will receive a quality box that can stream HD videos at 1080p content or below with ease. You’re able to catch all current pre-recorded shows on TV as well as some exclusive addons that are not found in other boxes. If you have questions regarding the Netmaster 2 box that turns your TV from a boring TV to a fully functional smart TV, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am a well rounded Technical Computer Engineer that can educate you on this box.

One of the cool features of the box is Teamviewer Quick Support. You have the ability to receive 1 year of free support from me from the date of purchase. When you purchase your box from this website, you will receive free Kodi support both through text (email) as well as remote support if needed. In many cases technical support can be taken care of through a remote support session which means myself or my team can login remotely into your box and provide you with quality technical support.

If you have a box that you didn’t purchase from this site regardless if it was a Netmaster 2, Streamsmart, or any other box, you can purchase 1 hr of support by going here to setup a time with us to provide you with upgrading your box or technically fixing any glitches you may have.

If what you’re seeking is live TV subscription, you can also purchase that with your Netmaster TV box. This is also known as Channel Up TV.  We provide a live TV package in the shop. The live TV is intended for use on Netmaster 2 boxes, but they may work on your box or free install of Kodi on computers. There is no guarantee though. In the event that the subscription doesn’t work we will refund your money.

Buy with confidence! I’m an honest seller and I like to work with honest buyers. If your intentions are to help us sell boxes, please take a look at our affiliate plan and earn up to 25% commissions. If you want to make more profit per sale, you can choose to buy 5 packs or 10 packs or more of Netmasters 2 at a discount bulk price.

I look forward in serving you.


Cesar Ramirez

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