Netmaster vs Other Boxes or Sticks

Often times I am asked what makes the Netmaster Internet TV Box stand out from other TV Streaming Boxes or Sticks (Amazon Fire sticks etc). To answer this question, we have to first understand what the software running on each of these systems was designed for. Kodi (Formally XBMC) was designed for the open source community. Also known as folks that are media enthusiasts that love free stuff. In the early 2000s, in order to get XBMC into a XBOX version 1, you’d have to MOD / Jailbreak it. Without getting into too much technical details, these modded Xbox’s would sell for $500+ because you can not only load up your videos, pictures, and music but you could also play loaded games from the classics to the current games of that time all from the hard drive.

Microsoft and other commercial companies started to capitalize on the movement and they started to release media center software into their gaming systems and eventually into their small standalone Internet Streaming TV Box. I still own my Modded XBOXs that remind me of the passion of my hacker IT ways of learning how to make this all happen. As my buddy Dino calls it, its a fun hobby to learn.

The issue with many of these commercial boxes or even the XBOX (XBMC) is that it wasn’t a practical device for the average user to use as an everyday device. Especially when it came to discussing how to actually use the device. It wasn’t a device that my dad and mom can use because it was too technical and frankly, not easy to upgrade when that needed to be done.

Until I was at the mall in 2013 and I saw the logo of XBMC on an Android knock off brand, my life changed. I got that early spark of memories of how excited I was to start sharing this product again. So I bought one and immediately and started studying the software and hardware. It was synergistic for sure.

After going through a series of boxes that are android based and looking at fire sticks and what have you, I can tell you from advanced user experience that the average person will need to learn about what a streaming device actually is. You click essentially a link and it streams it to you. You are not downloading the content but rather hearing it streaming over the air. Similar to a radio station where you do not have access to the music. Therefore, in legal aspect, the content holders of this data are responsible for the distribution.

Streaming Device Check list:

  1. When working with a streaming device, you want to make sure that you’re using Kodi because there is so much content that it literally unleashes your TV for the best.
  2. The Kodi Build on the box should have a system where the main server that houses the theme build also pushes updates to clean up dead links (Add-ons) that are expired
  3. Have exclusive links that not a lot of people have access to so that the stream is not laggy
  4. The owners behind the Andoid box build are humble and ethical in the sense they take care of their customers and re-sellers
  5. There is no better box in this checklist in today’s market than the Netmaster Streaming Internet TV Box. Grab it here.
  6. 1 box per TV! If you want live TV add Channel-UP Service on checkout

NetMaster Internet TV Box



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