How it Works

We have a 2 tier affiliate payout. Meaning that we would like for you to continue sharing the vision of saving on your monthly bills by using one of our recommended boxes. Now, in order to get paid, you will use a referral link provided in the Affiliate area or below. …

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale!

Memorial Weekend Internet TV Box Sale!   Happy Memorial Day Weekend!In honor of our Veterans and Soldiers who have fought their lives for OUR freedom, we are providing a Memorial Day Weekend Discount of 25% off all our products. This is the opportunity to pick up a box or 2 …

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How StreamSmart TV Box Compares to Apple TV

streamsmart tv box vs apple tv

StreamSmart Internet TV box offers not only utmost functionality but also a sleek design through its elegant aluminum casing. These two traits—performance and appearance—best describe one of the little black boxes on the market today. Qualities of StreamSmart The stylish form is shown by its aluminum body that provides durability …

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StreamSmart Internet TV Box Vs Roku Media Player

streamsmart vs roku tv box

Internet TV is the “in” thing nowadays. I mean watching movies, TV shows, live sports and listening to music on your TVs using the latest devices that take advantage of the wonders of the Internet. The proliferation of these wonder toys or little black boxes actually pose a serious threat …

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Interested in a Maserati

White Maserati

Calling all Street Hustlers and Network Marketers.  We just got a fresh stock of Streamsmarts in! Thank you all for your patience. Some of our resellers took 5 already and another one took 10. If you’re interested in becoming a bulk buyer, let us know by filling out this form …

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