Remote Control Diagram

Jetstream Remote Control Diagram

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  1. I bought this board after being diipeaosntpd by the logitech k400. The keys on this board are decent, with a good feel and a fair amount of travel, though not as nice as some of the better laptop keyboards (I use the HP dm4 3050US which has a fantastic keyboard) and nowhere close to mechanical keyboard’s (though those are about 3 times the cost anyway). The key feel is way better than that of the k400, which is mushy and has an annoying layout. I use this keyboard for coding, so having home, end, page up etc are important.The trackpad on the 716 is not that great, mouse movement is alright but the scrolling is not smooth, even with the latest Elan driver that ships with the keyboard. The K400 has a slightly better feeling touchpad, but it has a fatal flaw of not supporting one finger scrolling which the 716 does support.One feature of the k400 that impressed me was the left click button on the top left corner of the keyboard that lets you scroll with your right thumb and click with your left. You can replicate that functionality on the 716 by using autohotkey to map the ` key (under the esc key) to Lbutton.As other reviews tell you, the wireless range is decent, it comes with a pair of duracells, and is light weight.I will probably keep using this keyboard until I can find the holy grail trinity of mechanical backlit keys, attached touchpad and wireless operation on a single ultimate keyboard!

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