Seven Reasons To Choose StreamSmart Over Other TV Boxes


Instead of paying more than $70 a month for your cable TV and pay-per-view subscriptions, you may want to check out the StreamSmart TV box that will let you access movies, TV shows, live sports, PPVs, livestreams and 3D movies for a one-time payment only.

Are you tired of waiting around for your favorite TV series on Netflix? The StreamSmart TV box provides the latest movies and TV shows, as well as live events from other countries, right at the comfort of your living room.

Here are the seven reasons why you should choose this little black box (TLBB) over other TV boxes:

1. Updated Channel List

This media box’s channel list changes weekly, so you are ensured you always get access to the best entertainment available out there. Liken it to the popular Jstvbox. The StreamSmart is the ultimate digital media box you will ever need in your life.

2. Reliable Technical Support

As a customer, you want to be satisfied with the kind of customer service the product you bought offers. StreamSmart will never let you down with its live chat support, wherein someone will always be ready to help you with all your concerns about the TV box.

3. Availability of Pay Channels

Aside from hundreds of channels to choose from, you will also be given a username and password, so you can access some pay channels like SportsAccess and USTVnow. You don’t have to pay extra for these channels because StreamSmart brings them to you for free.

4. Uninterrupted Live Feeds

Have you ever tried to watch via livestream on your computer? You might notice that the video is buffering? You will experience none of the bufferings with TLBB.

5. Comprehensive Step-By-Step Instruction Guide

The StreamSmart box comes with a cheat sheet, or a step-by-step guide on how to set it up and what to do when it gives you trouble. Instead of waiting for a technician to set this up for you, the guide helps you get moving with the little black box immediately. It means you can use it as soon as you get home.

6. Regular Firmware Updates

The StreamSmart team is always looking for ways to update the software that runs your box. The company will notify you in case there are updates, so that your viewing experience will be enhanced. Bugs will be fixed, and viruses will be cleansed.

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed with a Sweet Warranty

Only StreamSmart offers a 7-day money-back guarantee and a six-month warranty for single box purchases. It only means the company is confident enough that the device won’t bring them any embarrassment. If you’re serious about getting the best that your money can get, what better way than to invest in something that promises you the ultimate media experience, and is ready to give back your money when you’ve become unsatisfied with that experience?

streamsmart the little black boxThere are several competitions out in the market, but none gives the assurance the way StreamSmart does. A comprehensive channel list, a live chat technical support, warranty and software updates—what more can you ask for? It is the definitive media viewing experience everyone is looking for.

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