StreamSmart Internet TV Box Vs Roku Media Player

streamsmart vs roku tv box

Internet TV is the “in” thing nowadays. I mean watching movies, TV shows, live sports and listening to music on your TVs using the latest devices that take advantage of the wonders of the Internet. The proliferation of these wonder toys or little black boxes actually pose a serious threat to cable services and similar forms of entertainment medium.

With so many products coming out of the market, the poor consumer is naturally at a loss in choosing which ones are the superior devices and which ones they should pass by. Some products do stand out in the market though, so there is less room for you bringing home a lemon if you go for these tested brands.

Two of the best-known black boxes out there are StreamSmart and Roku. “Black box” may be a misnomer in referring to StreamSmart because its color is not really black. The body is made from sleek and durable aluminum that reflects on the exterior the fine workmanship found inside each box.

What do these two black boxes or media players do? Well, for starters they give you maximum satisfaction while you comfortably sit or lie in front of your TV sets. With these extraordinary devices, you can access over 100,000 movies and TV shows (the latest ones and the greatest from the past), hundreds of your favorite radio stations, more than 1,000 channels, sports events (including live ones of course) and the hottest music on the charts.

Roku is undoubtedly one of the favorite media players at present with its reliable service and myriad of entertainment contents to choose from. How does StreamSmart compare to Roku? Based on our consideration of what StreamSmart has to offer, we can say that it has an upper hand on the competition.

StreamSmart boasts of these powerful out-of-the-box features: support for 1080p Hardware decoding; built-in LED Display; Bluetooth; 1 GB Ram; 8 GB Internet storage; and a Full Slid Aluminum Body. On top of these great qualities, StreamSmart also offers the following:

  • Updated firmware. You are assured that the software running inside the little black box is up to date and contains the latest programs.
  • Customized channel list for its massive database of movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons, etc., all of which are updated weekly. You can watch most movies and shows in HD, including those seen in cable programs.
  • PPV channels including special sporting events that you can watch without having to worry about buffering and loading times.
  • Cheat sheets to help get you get started ASAP in enjoying your own little black box.
  • Acts as a game console with a variety of games to choose from.
  • Custom remote control designed to give you maximum use and enjoyment of all StreamSmart features.
  • 24-7 customer support with “Live Chat.” Anytime you need help with your viewing pleasure, there will always be someone to help you enjoy the full experience. Customer feedback on StreamSmart’s hotline has been consistently overwhelming. We can say that this is one area that it definitely excels in.

Most of these features may also be found in Roku, but it’s not only the positives that we have to focus on. Roku is reputed to suffer from these:

  • Many channels are not appealing and cater only to the interests of few individuals.
  • Very limited game selection.
  • Has trouble streaming your own media files.
  • Lack of support for You Tube and Google Play.
  • Buggy user interface.

These Roku drawbacks are not found in StreamSmart. Hence, if I have to choose between two devices with almost identical features, I’d get the one with no known imperfections.

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