StreamSmart Internet TV Box vs Xbox One Live TV

StreamSmart internet tv box

Microsoft promised an all-in-one entertainment package through its gaming console Xbox One with games, TV and streaming video in one device.

Part of that promise is to bring over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts to the Xbox One. The idea is to equip the console the capability to air contents from TV networks. To do this, the software giant partnered with Hauppauge to develop an OTA tuner that allows Xbox One to stream OTA signals to TV monitors.

It seems that Microsoft is marketing Xbox One as an alternative streaming media device similar to the little black box.

Speaking of little black boxes, one of the most reliable and content-rich streaming media devices in the market today is the StreamSmart Internet TV Box. It is known for its functionality and durability, the two traits that people usually look for in a product. StreamSmart is easily recognizable by its sleek aluminum casing that serves as superior safeguard against occasional bumps.

StreamSmart Internet TV Box provides unparalleled entertainment value by offering more than 1,000 channels showing the widest-variety of HD shows ranging from action, drama, comedy to politics. You have unlimited access to over 100,000 movies on demand. Programs with extensive coverage of the latest sports action are some of the customers’ favorites, along with the numerous international channels showing foreign films and shows from around the world. For music lovers, a practically unlimited choice of hundreds of radio stations blurting out the latest hits from the industry’s biggest names.

What separates StreamSmart Internet TV Box from other black boxes is not only the rich media contents it delivers but its 24-hour LIVE CHAT support to customers that ensures you will be able to enjoy the shows without fear of technical glitches ruining your viewing time in the middle of the night.

Going back to Xbox One, its live TV service seamlessly integrates into the console’s gaming functions. You can watch OTA programs while waiting for a game to start. You can also receive notices and invitations while watching TV shows.

Despite these innovative approaches by Microsoft to spice up Xbox One, its efforts still fell short of the ideal entertainment package that it envisioned. While OTA capability for the console is welcome development, it suffers from shortcomings that negate its potentials.

  • This option is viable only if you live in the cities or near one where you can receive clear HD signals from major networks.
  • You have to invest in a TV tuner for the Xbox One to watch live TV broadcasts. The tuner is initially priced at around $79.99 at Amazon but a cheaper model is made subsequently available at $59.99. Still a hefty amount.
  • The tuner is not dual-view capable. You cannot watch two channels at the same time.
  • Xbox One has no DVR functions.
  • You have to spend money in a quality-grade HD antenna to pull the signals.

If you want a capable gaming console with quality titles, Xbox One meets your needs. But if your idea of entertainment is watching virtually limitless quality movies and shows on your TV screens, then StreamSmart Internet TV Box is the one for you. The limited benefit that you get from the live TV service of Xbox One is simply not worth the added expense and effort that you have to put into it.

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