StreamSmart Review: What Do People Say About It?

People have been saying a lot of good things in their StreamSmart review. Most feedbacks are about how efficient the little black box is, and its value for money. Basically, StreamSmart is just like Netflix, but the good thing about this is that there’s no need to shell out bucks for it monthly like cable TV or online streaming subscription. Instead, a one-time payment will set a client up for life.

With access to thousands of TV shows and movies, StreamSmart seems to be the perfect companion during a lazy afternoon. Customers find it quick to navigate using the controls of the device. It is easy to use too after getting around the first hassle of setting it up and installing it.

Of course, as with any other media device, customers at first may find it a bit hard to understand. However, various StreamSmart review forums and sites said that after the first hurdle, the StreamSmart works like magic since programs work faster than other media boxes, and the bad links are removed from the system.

Massive Database Sets StreamSmart Apart From Others

The massive collection of old and new movies and shows makes this tlbb a significant upgrade from other media boxes. While others simply collect links from previously uploaded shows and movies on the Internet, the StreamSmart filters the bad links and simply maintains those that have worked for other users. That’s an enormous amount of time saved for future clients.

Customers also like how crisp and clean the pictures are. Most of the movies and shows available in StreamSmart can be watched on high definition, something that not all media boxes offer. Even livestream cable programs are accessible on high definition, eliminating the need to pay monthly fees for cable and Netflix.

Moreover, they like that the remote control included with StreamSmart is programmed to work with XBMC. Other remotes in the market don’t work at all with the system. The easy-to-use remote control and navigation system is a plus for most because StreamSmart is targeting older people who spend most of their time watching movies and television shows as well.

Aside from its media content, the box provides other forms of entertainment for the users. It can be a game console and a laptop/tablet since it can connect you through Skype, MSN and QQ.

The only problem others have with it is the slow loading of some files and links, but reviews pointed out this can be solved by a high-speed Internet connection. As long as there’s a stable Internet connection, there should be no cause for concern.

If there’s one thing that sets the StreamSmart apart from the other media boxes, that’s its 24/7 customer and tech support. It can’t be helped that some clients may have trouble setting it up (although it is really fairly easy), but that’s why a tech support is created. Experts there can provide a step-by-step instruction to help their clients start with the box.

While others set a rigid schedule on their customer support, StreamSmart is focused on customer satisfaction as it runs a 24/7 hotline on any issue a client may face with this little black box.


  1. I did buy a Streamsmart box and it worked for a couple of months and then it quit. Streamsmart has no customer service so if you have a question, there isn’t any way to contact them. I paid good money for this box and to have it for only three months was no savings. I would not buy another one. It was slow when it did work and it obviously wasn’t built very well.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience. Streamsmart owners are actually pretty genuine guys. Anytime I had an issue, they’d resolve it. Watch my getting started video at the top link and that should help you fix your box. Or where exactly are you stuck?

    • Rob have you tried running the wizard?

    • I am not sure why you did not receive any customer support unless you bought a used box off eBay or somewhere. I purchased mine about the same time you did and I find their 24/7 customer support amazing. I have never seen a company support their clients as well as they do. Contact who you bought your box from and they will get you connected.

    • Not true- if you bought from the owner or reseller, there are forums and facebook that answer ALL tech. problems.

  2. Ny family is in our 3rd day of owning the streamsmart so far so good. I love the fact that I’m can watch some live tv. I think the box does look kind of cheap but overall it works great. We webt frin direct tv, cable, roku stick and now this hopefully this is our last move and we can see the beneficial. Right now I am trying to get myself familiarized with the technology part of it in case any issues arise. But we are happy with the purchase we made!!

  3. I’ve seen where if you buy it from eBay or Amazon than the service would be shut off. why is that?

    • Just Saved TV Box

      Because it got saturated by sellers. Company owners are against it and blacklist the MAC Address. Don’t ever report that you bought the box from Amazon / eBay

  4. Streamsmart has been great to me always make sure you buy your Streamsmart from an authorized dealer the dealer will point you in the right direction

  5. I am a bit concerned about this box. With this box will you receive channels like ESPN or FOX sports 1 as well as all other cable shows plus all local channels? Movies playing in theaters is a concern as if everyone bought this box and then no one went to the movies, would this not put the movie business out of business? Just a few concerns before I plunk down 350 bucks for a box. Does it really replace the cable companies?

    • Just Saved TV Box

      Hello Steve, there’s plenty of content on this box that is free information. But like anything free it can get saturated. Therefore, there’s is paid subscription services that are included in the box to help cover the saturated free market. There are no local channels as this isn’t a cable TV box. it’s a streaming device with some local content but it won’t replace your local news station for most cities because that would be impossible with so many cities. It does cover all your major events sports, fights, tv shows. It won’t put cable companies out of business as you may still need local content. Hope that helps.

  6. Where can I buy a streamsmart tv?

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