StreamSmart Versus Netflix: The Great Debate


It is not unusual to hear StreamSmart mentioned in the same sentence as the Netflix. That’s because they basically offer the same things. However, you need to pay a subscription fee for Netflix while the little black box only requires a one-time payment.

That’s the best advantage the product from Jstvbox has against the Netflix—the power to save money. Most people would cringe at the thought of shelling out a specific sum of money for an Android box because they think this is just another device that is too good to be true. Can you imagine if you have to pay for monthly cable bills just so you will have access to Netflix? Or the amount of money you shell out buying DVDs and subscribing to pay-per-views or even renting out movies from your local stores?

Saving money is not the only benefit of having StreamSmart in your homes though. This Android device boasts of an extensive reach to multimedia content and resources. It’s more than just accessing thousands of movies and television series, StreamSmart is a whole new experience for every movie lover, sports fanatic, and television series fan out there.

More Than Just Movies

When it said it is a multimedia device, StreamSmart went all the way out. It doesn’t only offer movies, televisions shows, adult entertainment (which you can manage via parental control), cartoons, radio stations and worldwide sporting events, it also includes access to over 1000 channels and acts as a game console too.

Moreover, the box takes the role of a music player when it needs to be. You can connect it to your wireless speakers and let it do its magic. Where else can you find a multimedia player that basically connects you to full-HD entertainment and acts as a music and game console, too?

Portable and Easy to Use

One of the things most people love about StreamSmart is the fact that it can be brought anywhere. Its portability is easily an advantage against other multimedia devices. While others are only accessible through one television or through one device, StreamSmart can be brought anywhere, even in your camping trips.

That means that when you need to get out of the house and stay somewhere else, you don’t need to access your favorite shows and movies from other devices or from the Internet on your laptop. You simply have to bring your little black box and connect it to whatever television is available in the place you’re staying. And since the box fits all brands and kinds of televisions, it is fairly easy to use and enjoy.

You cannot do most of these things with your Netflix subscription. Aside from having to pay a monthly fee, your Netflix account is not as flexible as buying StreamSmart and enjoying it just about anywhere you want to.

This little black box from Jstvbox makes life easier for people who are always on the go, and who are looking for ways to entertain themselves after a long day at work.

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