The Airmouse Remote

Hey there TV Lovers. If you have an Internet TV Box, we just got more in of our popular Airmouse remotes! That’s right they are dual style so you can use them as an airmouse and also an infrared device to control your TV. The remote’s memory will take in the input of another remote and save the buttons to the buttons you choose to program.

By holding down the TV red button and then pressing the button you wish to program, you can program the Airmouse remote button to take in any IR input from say a Samsung remote. Control everything from 1 remote!

Example on how to program:

How to setup learning power function (we use power button in this example):

Make sure you have two remotes in hand, one is air remote, the other is IR remote (your tv remote).

1. If air remote is RF mode, press button “RF/IR” to switch remote into IR mode.

(flash 3 times means IR mode, 1 times means RF mode)

2. Press button “OK” and key “2” at the same time, three seconds later, light will be


3. Put two remotes head close head (two remotes in one line).

4. Press button “Power” of air remote, light is glimmering. Air remote is in learining


5. Long press “Power” button of IR remote untill light of air mouse flash with a high

speed. After light stop flash, release “Power” button of IR remote.

6. Wait for light off. Then air remote can control power on/off the box as IR remote.

You can learning other button as the same way.

Video How to:



If you received a similar looking Air mouse without the RF/IR button, please follow this example how to program the buttons:

[Manual How to]

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