The Perks of a jsTVBox Affiliate

perks of a jetstreambox affiliate

The jsTVBox is not only a great way to lessen your monthly payments when it comes to cable and Internet bills, you can also become a jsTVBox affiliate and earn commission from being a distributor and selling the box to the main public or to other distributors in your area.

Among the many perks of a jsTVBox affiliate is that you can buy the product at a much lower price than its selling price in the market. The more boxes you buy, the cheaper the unit price will be. That way, you will also have the power to change the price of the box, depending on how much you have saved by buying directly from the manufacturer.

The jsTVBox uses a direct sales approach. An affiliate will be called an independent sales distributor. Usually, there’s a recommended price from the producer, which you must follow, although you are also free to increase or reduce the standard price your producer has set.

Under this approach, you can earn as much money as you want or need, depending, of course, on the size of your market and target audience. There are different strategies to using your affiliation with jsTVBox, but the first thing you have to know is how to become an affiliate.

Entering the World of jsTVBox Affiliation

First, purchase the digital box, so that you can review, enjoy and see for yourself the features plus offers of the jsTVBox. It is always better to have experience with your merchandise, and be some kind of an “expert” of the product or service you are selling. The same goes with being an affiliate of jsTVBox.

Once you know the ins and outs of the product, it is time to find a manufacturer or producer near you and decide on the number of boxes you want to buy. The general suggestion is to start small and know your market first.

There are few rules in being a jsTVBox affiliate. The standard market price of a jsTVBox Box can range from $250-$400 please visit our link Store above. When you sell it directly to a friend or acquaintance or a neighbor, for example, you can sell it below that market price. Remember, it is up to you to set the price of the box. That will depend on how much you got it from the distributor.

The only thing the company will ask from you is not to sell the box on Amazon and eBay for less than MSRP. Once you do that, you will be banned as an affiliate. Now, why doesn’t the company want to be marketed on these sites on lower prices? Simple. They want to create an even playing field for all distributors.

Once the box is sold for less than the standard price on eBay and Amazon, other distributors who do not have access to these sites would lose customers and clients. The company’s affiliate program is created to help people who want to enter a small business, and affiliates must also learn to help each other when it comes to attracting clients and subscribers.


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